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TENS Unit and Birth Pool Rentals in Vancouver
TENS Unit Rental
Birth Pool Rental
TENS Rental
Drug-free pain relief for labour and beyond
Maternal TENS Units have become a popular choice for mums-to-be as they are specifically designed to combat pain during and after childbirth. This is a safe, effective drug-free method of pain relief, which is widely accepted by midwives, doctors & hospitals.
Read this mom's account of using a TENS unit for her fifth birth.

Why rent from us?

Birth Doula clients of Adar Birth Services or Spark Doula Services receive $30 off rental fees for TENS units!

Choose from the two most popular TENS units in Canada:
Elle Tens - The Ultimate

The Ultimate Digital maternal TENS using the latest Opti-Max technology. This easy-to-use, maternal TENS offers maximum pain relief during labour and beyond. All the settings are pre-set so there is no fuss in setting up.

The Elle TENS features dual intensity controls for total flexibility, a 'booster button' for a surge of pain-combating power at the onset of a contraction, plus Opti-Max technology gives an extra reserve of power when you really need it.

Birthing TENS - Flexible

The Birthing TENS gives you flexibility and control. Each channel has its own intensity dial, both the Pulse Rate and Pulse Width are adjustable and it features a detachable 'booster button' for an extra surge of relief.

Each rental includes:
Extra pads available for $15 per set of four****

Reserve your TENS machine today

Birth Pool Rental
Feel the difference full immersion makes!

Birth Doula clients of Adar Birth Services receive
A Deluxe Birth Pool Rental for the Premium price!

Standard Premium Deluxe
Choose La Bassine or Aquaborn Pool X X X
Phthalate-Free & Recyclable X X X
Pool X X X
Liner X X X
Handles X X X
Debris Net - X X
Thermometer - X X
Bucket - X X
25-ft lead-free hose - X X
Plastic Drop Sheet - X X
Long Gloves - X X
Hand Air Pump - X X
Hydrogen Peroxide (for stains) - - X
Air Pump - - X
Drainage Pump - - X
Earplugs (for air pump) - - X
Delivery - - X
Pick-up - - X

Choose from the two most popular Birth Pool Models in Canada:
Aquaborn - Roomy and Deep

Our most popular pool! Comes with a heat-conserving lid.
La Bassine - The world's best-selling birth pool

Preferred by many midwives, and great for small apartments, limited hot water supplies, or shorter moms!

Reserve your Birth Pool today

Please read our Terms and Conditions

*Pick-up is in Vancouver, Commercial Drive area. Xpress Post also available, extra charges apply (cost depends on destination). Shipping not available for birth pools. Phone or email for faster shipping options.
**You are responsible for finding out if your extended health plan covers the rental of TENS machines for labour and birth. Adar Birth Services does not have a list of eligible health plans.
****If you order extra pads after your unit has been shipped or picked up, extra shipping & handling charges will apply.

Reserve your TENS machine and Birth Pool today!

"I had a lot of back pain in my labor so I felt like the machine helped me cope. Things went well and I was able to have a relatively fast drug and complication free vaginal delivery, which I feel very lucky about."


"I am happy to say that I would have been lost without it. I started with it from my first contraction and used it right up until it was time to push. The one button, easy to use system was a dream. When the time came, boom, instant edge taken off. Was good for post birth too as I still had a few days before I had to return it.
I would recommend it to anyone."

Vancouver, BC

"The Tens machine was my only source of pain relief from the beginning Stages of labour to 7cm 24hrs later! It gave me a feeling of control and independence. I could ramp up the power as and when I needed it. I think however I could have made life more comfortable for myself if I had increased the power earlier in the labour. "

Vancouver, BC

"My Elle TENS really worked! I thought it wasn't working until I tried turning it off. Mistake! I turned it right back on again and used it right through to full dilation. I was able to increase the sensation as my labour got stronger without coming to the upper limit of what the machine could offer. If I have another baby I'll definitely use it again! Thanks!

Lorraine J

"I thought that it would give me an unpleasant sensation, but the feeling was just a kind of gentle buzzing feeling; very odd at first, but certainly not uncomfortable or at all painful. I've been practicing with it as you recommended and look forward to having it on-hand for my labour."

Amy R

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